Why join the team?

For students involved, the UBCEFRT programme is a volunteer student leadership experience, intended to help members become engaged in their campus community through first aid and emergency first response. All responders require a minimum certification of Standard First Aid and CPR-C to join the team. After recruitment, they have the opportunity to upgrade their training to First Responder, in addition to various other training opportunities (including suicide prevention, mental health support, and inclusivity training). All training courses are offered at minimal to no cost at all to UBCEFRT individuals. For those interested, additional opportunities to advance their training may be provided.

Once trained, all responders are placed on shift throughout the academic year. These shifts provide them with the opportunity to practically use their skills and develop their understanding of first response. Along with their training courses, this hands-on experience this programme provides to its volunteers can act as an attractive addition to any student’s résumé, especially for those looking to pursue a career related to medicine, first aid, or emergency response. Students involved in this programme will develop a variety of skills, including teamwork and interpersonal skills, emergency and crisis response management, leadership techniques, and communication competencies, along with the prior mentioned training courses.