Recruitment Process

Our Try-Out Period is completed for the 2019-2020 Year! Keep an eye on Facebook for all the upcoming deets ‘n’ dates for the 2020-2021 Recruitment Period.


We require new members through our bi-annual tryouts: held in September and January (vacancy permitting).

Before Try-Outs

  • Come to our Info Nights (held early September, December, and/or early January) to learn more about the team
  • Send us any emails with your questions
  • If you already have First Aid certification or experience
    • We’ll host a refresher session to help you brush up your basic life-saving skills prior to the Try-Outs
    • You merely need to provide a copy of your certification at your scheduled Try Out
  • If you do not have any First Aid experience or certification
    • Sign up for our full Standard First Aid Course on Friday evening and all-day Saturday
    • Sign up for a Try-Out time the Sunday following that course on


During the Try-Outs

During this process, you’ll be given one or two scenarios and may be asked to show us/explain a particular skill. These Try-Outs typically take 15-30 minutes to complete. We intend to make this a fun, exciting experience for anyone interested in joining the team, and we’ll be able to provide hands-on experience through the application process.

Through the Try-Outs, we’re looking for a variety of skills and personality traits; not just who knows the most about first aid and first response. Specifically, we’re looking for folks who communicate well with others (the Responder team, their partner, and/or patient), think critically using their knowledge/the knowledge provided, and act professionally while caring for their patient(s). If you don’t have experience in First Aid, no problem! The Try-Outs will be focused on skills you will learn in the Standard First Aid course.


After the Try-Outs

Once you make it through Try-Outs and are successful, you’ll need to join us on our Responder Bootcamp, held over a weekend in late September/early October. From there, you’ll learn all about what it means to be on UBCEFRT, things you’ll do on shift, and more about the people you’re working with. From there, you’ll be part of the scheduled shifts to support the campus community. You’ll be with experienced folks in the beginning, and then will attend a 40hr First Responder Course (held at various times over the first semester) to bring you up to a First Responder Level 3 certification.