About Us

Our Goal

If you require medical aid while on campus, call the Security dispatch office at 250-807-8111 with your location and the nature of the illness or injury. Either a member of the UBC EFRT or a Campus Security Guard will be on-scene as soon as possible.

UBC EFRT supports campus members and departments by providing an efficient, effective, and reliable service on campus. Responders work under the discretion of Campus Security to quickly respond to situations and provide competent assistance in situations requiring first aid or emergency first response care. UBC EFRT assists on calls on a 24/7 basis during the academic year.

While not a replacement for EMS, Campus Security First-Aid or professional medical care, UBC EFRT is able to assist students, staff, and faculty by being on scene within 3-5 minutes. Our responders support patients until relieved by Campus Security or Emergency Medical Services, or until the patient is discharged.

UBCEFRT is committed to promoting campus health and safety, helping to ensure the campus community is as safe for all of its members as possible. They support risk prevention, connecting with campus partners (like Camps Rec and Health & Wellness), reporting unsafe conditions or situations to aid Risk Management Services, and assisting with SafeWalk services on campus.

Our Training

Each member of UBCEFRT is trained First Responder (FR) training under the Canadian Red Cross and is capable of responding to any medical emergency for members of the campus community in an unbiased and professional fashion.

Additionally, we offer options for upgrading training and supplementing with mental health support, inclusivity training, sexual violence prevention (through SVPRO) and Suicide Awareness and Intervention Training (SAIT). All responders’ certifications are valid and responders attend monthly training sessions to keep their skills current

If medical care or a hospital visit is needed, our team will support a patient until paramedics arrive. Additionally, responders can help connect patients to further medical care or professional staff when needed.