CPR Courses

CPR Courses provide the skills required to respond to cardiovascular and airway emergencies and how to operate an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).


Course Time: 4-6 hours depending on course (below); recertification requiring 4-5 hours

Prerequisite for this course: none

Certification: The CPR course provides a three-year certification

Manuals: CPR Manual and appropriate addenda 


We offer the following CPR Courses:

  • CPR Level A
    • 4-hour course
    • Contains the following content:
      • The Red Cross
      • Responding to Emergencies
      • Check, Call, Care
      • Recovery position
      • Choking – adult
      • Assisting with medications
      • Angina and heart attack
      • Stroke
      • CPR  and AED– adult
      • Deadly bleeding
  • Level C
    • 5-hour course
    • Contains the following content:
      • Level A content
      • Choking — child and baby
      • CPR — child and baby

Training Guidelines – CPR (A&C)


  • Level HCP
    • 6 hour course
    • Contains the following content:
      • Level C content
      • Jaw thrust
      • Pulse check
      • Rescue breathing—adult, child, and baby
      • BVM—adult, child, and baby
      • Two-rescuer CPR—adult, child, baby

Training Guidelines – CPR (HCP)